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The courage and dedication of America's brave veterans is truly one of the greatest gifts ever given. The Farmington Area Veterans Memorial honors these gifts and recognizes all of the veterans who have served our nation from the Revolutionary War to the present day. It is a quiet, reflective, and educational place in which to remember the sacrifices of a war and give thanks to those who served our country in the name of freedom.

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Elements of the Memorial


The Farmington Area Veterans Memorial stands as a tribute not only to the veterans it honors, but also to the years of dedicated effort on the part of volunteers, committee members, and others who worked tirelessly to make the memorial a reality.

A Veterans Memorial had been the dream of many Farmington Area Veterans for years. The original concept started in 2005 and was formalized with the formation of a committee in 2011. The committee settled on a plan that featured a large granite folded flag overlooking a granite tablet honoring the Farmington area service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Construction started in 2013 and was completed in 2014. A bronze statue of a saluting soldier honoring the fallen was added in 2018. The entire project utilizes roughly 504 square feet and is surrounded by over 300 granite pavers with the names of veterans etched on top. New pavers are added annually on Memorial Day.


Though the basic construction is complete, the installation of pavers will never end. Pavers will be laid in the Memorial before Memorial Day each year.

Pavers are $350 and may be purchased for any service person who has served honorably in the United States Armed Forces from the Revolutionary War to the present. This includes Reservists and National Guard.

To purchase a paver, please click on the DONATE/PURCHASE link below.

Paver purchases and donations are tax deductible.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ALL VETERANS; TOM RYAN - Vietnam

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Farmington Area Veterans Memorial

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