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Pfc. Dean Wood, Castle Rock, Killed in Action

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wood Dies in New Guinea, Says Message From War Department
Dakota County gave another son to the cause of liberty and freedom, it was learned Monday afternoon of this week, when Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wood of Castle Rock received a telegram stating that their son, Pfc. Dean Wood, age 25, had been killed in action at New Guinea, June 22nd.
The Woods reside on highway 218, one-fourth mile north of Castle Rock Gardens.
This blow comes to the Wood family following two storms; a hail storm Thursday, June 22nd, and a wind storm June 26th, which destroyed their crops and damaged some of their buildings.
Mrs. Wood received a very jovial letter from her hero son recently which was written June 18th just four days before his death, when he assured his folks that he was well and feeling fine and asked them not to worry as he was all right. The sad news Monday was the following telegram: “The secretary of war desires me to express his deep regret that your son, Pfc. Dean Wood was killed in action June 22 in New Guinea. Letter follows: Ulio, the Adjutant General.”
Dean Orlo Wood was born June 7, 1919, a son of Walter and Nellie (Lace) Wood, on the Wood homestead, 1 ½ miles southwest of Castle Rock. He attended the Castle Rock school and Farmington high school. He entered military service at Fort Snelling June 4, 1941 and went to Fort Leonard Wood, MO on June 10th. While training there he was home on furlough three times.
He was sent to Camp Luis Opisbo, Calif., from Fort Leonard Wood, and on September 20th, 1943 he went to the Hawaiian Islands. April 7, 1943 was the last date he visited the home folks.
Pfc. Wood crossed the equator into New Guinea, January 8, 1944, where he has been stationed ever since.
Dean is survived by his parents, two brothers, Curtis, and Victor at home and one sister, Mrs. Otto Leidner (Evelyn) of Farmington.
Memorial services for Pfc. Wood, will be held Sunday afternoon at McKenley chapel, Castle Rock, 2:30 p.m. with Rev. Leroy Klaus of Northfield and Rev. Forest Strand, new chapel pastor officiating.
Friends and neighbors stand by, willing to aid and comfort the Wood family in any way possible, and their sincere sympathy is extended in this hour of sadness.