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Pfc. Kenneth (Bud) Tibbetts

Memorial Rites September 2nd.
Here is a late photo of Pfc. Kenneth (Bud) Tibbetts, 26 year old Rosemount and Farmington Boxer, who was killed in France, July 25, while serving as a gunner and a
squad leader.
The photo was taken in England not long before the invasion that cost him his
Requiem High Mass will be held for him at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Rosemount
At 9:00 Saturday morning, Sept. 2, Rev. Fr. Furey officiating. The event will take place on the
Third wedding anniversary of the deceased war hero.

Boxer ‘Bud’ Tibbetts, 26, Killed In France

Rosemount Boy Slightly Wounded July 17; Returns To Front and Is Killed July 24, Says Message
This community will be shocked to hear that Pfc. Kenneth (Bud) Tibbetts, well known boxer of Rosemount and Farmington, was killed in action in France July 24, according to a telegram received Wednesday evening of this week by his mother, Mrs. Leo Wiemern of St. Paul, formerly of Rosemount. He was 26 years old.
Bud was slightly wounded July 17, but returned to his infantry outfit and was killed a week later; it was learned at press time today.
Bud’s wife, the former Clara Detlie of Northfield, resides with her sister in Richmond,
News of Bud’s death was telephoned to the Tribune by Mrs. Jos. Cunniff of Rosemount, a sister of Bud’s mother.